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SVS Protect 4. 33
Online technology, classification 1 according to IEC 62040-3
Power and flexibility
State of the art 100%-digital UPS technology with 5 ÁP in the standard design. International UPS by multilingual man-machine interface with 14 languages.
Autonomy time:
160 to 1000 kVA
3 x 400 V;
50 / 60 Hz
To be scaled and designed from 3 minutes up to several hours

Maximum safety. Minimum maintenance.
UPS ready for connection in real online technology (Double Conversion). Technologically leading product on the market with highest availability due to internal redundancies as well as redundant parallel operation with max. 8 devices results in 8 MVA! That means: Power and flexibility for each individual case by many options. Robust by overload capacity and short-circuit protection. Its immunity against electro-smog is 2 - 3 times higher than specified by the UPS standard.

Fields of application:

Building control technique, computing centers, telecommunications, Internet nodes, banks and insurance companies. Suitable for all mission-critical applications within this performance spectrum - even in a rough industrial environment.

"The higher efficiency of the SVS Protect 4. system - 94% in total - provided, compared to the previous UPS, a measurable advantage regarding energy consumption. Even in the partial load range - we only require 30% of the maximum power at present - an efficiency of approx. 91% is still achieved. This good partial load efficiency has a positive effect by lower operational cost, and it makes a contribution to environmental protection."

Werner Labahn, Dept. TM 541 BMW AG Munich