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Protect S. / S. 19"
Online technology, classification 1 according to IEC 62040-3
P controlled UPS management
Autonomy time:
700 to
3000 VA
230 V
50 / 60 Hz
5 - 10 minutes
expandable to 215 minutes

High efficiency. Low operation cost.

UPS ready for connection in real online technology (Double Conversion) with integrated battery for protecting multi-PC- systems, servers, printers and peripheral devices. For the professional protection of mission-critical data, operational sequences and processes.

Fields of application:

Industry, mechanical engineering, chemical and automotive industry, advertising agencies, design offices, printing offices, doctor's or legal practices.

"Protect S. is a model of the compact class and designed as a real on-line UPS for rated power. This is achieved easily by the very compact model which is outstanding by the input power factor correction."Test result: 2 x very good, 2 x good, 1 x satisfactory

Eckhart Steffens, Ernst Ahlers, ct Magazin, Issue 21 1999 Pages 259 and 264

SVS Protect
1.11 + 1.31

SVS Protect 1.33