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SVS Protect 1. 11 + 1. 31 + 1. 33
Online technology, classification 1 according to IEC 62040-3
µP controlled UPS management
Autonomy time:
4,5 to 10 kVA
230 V
50 / 60 Hz
10 minutes, expandable to 25 and 50 minutes
10 to 20 kVA 3 x 400 V 8 to 30 minutes

Overall safety. Overall service.

UPS ready for connection in real online technology (Double Conversion) with integrated battery for the IT field. By means of the AEG network software CompuWatch, the device can also control heterogeneous networks.

Fields of application:

To protect data networks in offices and industry. Due to its robustness towards excess-voltage peaks, electrostatic discharge, Hf-radiation from mobile telephones or very fast burst pulses, this device range is suitable to protect complete floors of a building - even in a rough industrial environment.

" We require good UPS systems - like Protect 1. with a very good service by AEG SVS - because we are operating such a great number of systems at our customers distributed over the whole of Germany."

Jürgen Weippert, IBM Heilbronn

SVS Protect
1.11 + 1.31

SVS Protect 1.33