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Inverter SVS Protect 5. INV3
Modular online technology, classification 1
according to IEC 62040-3
Operation on floating 220V (110V) battery
Isolating transformer in the output
State of the art 100%-digital UPS technology.
It transforms the Input direct voltage from the DC bus input into a smooth and galvanicaly isolated 3 phase output voltage.

International UPS by multilingual man-machine interface with 16 languages.
Autonomy time:
25 to 120 kVA
3x 400 VAC;
50 / 60 Hz
to be scaled and designed from 3 minutes to several hours - a system technology with the battery charging rectifier Profitec S

Proven technology. Reliable solutions.
Technologically leading product on the market with highest availability due to internal redundancies, floating 220V/110V battery as well as redundant parallel operation with max. 8 devices! That means: Safety and flexibility by many options and a system technology with the battery charging rectifier Profitec S for a complete UPS system. - All available from one supplier! Additional safety by overload capacity, high short-circuit current and excellent service. Its immunity against electro-smog is 2 - 3 times higher than specified by the UPS standard.

Fields of application:

Process control technology in power plants, industrial installations, transformer substations, control and supervising equipment in the chemical and petrochemical industry, etc.. Suitable for all critical applications within this performance spectrum - particularly in a rough industrial environment.