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SVS Protect 5. 31 and 5. 33
Online technology, classification 1 according to IEC 62040-3
Floating 220 V battery
Isolating transformer in the rectifier and in the output
State of the art 100%-digital UPS technology with 5 ÁP in the standard design. International UPS by multilingual man-machine interface with 14 languages.
Autonomy time:
10 to 120 kVA
1 x 230 V or
3 x 400 V;
50 / 60 Hz
to be scaled and designed from 3 minutes to several hours

Increase in safety.
Technologically leading product on the market with highest availability due to internal redundancies, a floating 220 V battery as well as redundant parallel operation with max. 8 devices up to 960 kVA! That means: Safety and flexibility by many options for a complete UPS system. All available from one supplier! Additional safety by overload capacity, high short-circuit current and excellent service. Its immunity against electro-smog is 2 - 3 times higher than specified by the UPS standard.

Fields of application:

Process control technology in power plants, life support systems in hospitals, installations and systems of air traffic control, industrial plants, transformer substations, control and supervising equipment in the chemical and petrochemical industry, process computers, etc.. Suitable for all business critical applications within this performance spectrum - particularly in a rough industrial environment.

"The UPS family SVS Protect 5. is the ideal solution to supply process control systems in the chemical industry. We therefore included these devices in the BAYER device standard and released them for world-wide use."

Heinz-Ulrich Schmitz, UPS expert BAYER AG, ZT-FM UER

SVS Protect 5.31